General Claim Form

The issue of this form does not constitute an admission of liability on the part of the insurer.

About the Insured Landlord

Was there any other insurance covering this damage current at the time of the occurrence? *
Does any other party have an interest in the damaged property the subject of the claim? *

About the Property Manager

About the Incident

provide as much detail as possible eg. For burglary claims please provide the point of entry, malicious damage claims please detail exactly what damages are being claimed and the room they are in, for water damage claims, please advise where the water has come from, etc


If the damage is the result of fire did the fire brigade attend?
Was the matter reported to the police?


TOTAL LOSS OF RENT (do not deduct from the Bond)

Notice Given? Y/N Date?

BOND DISPERSAL What was any retained security bond spent on?

Documents to be provided for rent loss claims:

  • Copies of all invoices and/or quotes
  • Copy of Tenancy Agreement for new tenant and defaulting tenant
  • Copy of Application for Tenancy
  • Copies of all notices to vacate property by either party
  • Copies of all Breach of Condition Notices
  • Copies of all legal documents (including Bond Release and any Court Orders and application)
  • Substantiation of rental payments for at least 3 months prior to loss
  • Copies of initial and final Property Condition Report, and routine reports if applicable
  • Proof of advertising
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Supporting Documents required:

  • Repair/replacement tax invoices or quotes if repairs/replacement is yet to take place
  • Photos of damages being claimed
  • Ingoing and outgoing condition reports for property damage claims
  • Original purchase invoices, for contents items
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Please supply receipts for loss/damage of property/contents

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Claim payment by EFT

By submitting this form:

I / We and our Property Manager do solemnly and sincerely declare:

  1. That the information supplied on this Claim Form and Statement of Claim is true in every
  2. I / We understand that the claim may be refused if information is withheld, false, misleading or concealed.
  3. That there was no other insurance covering this loss current at the date of this
  4. I / We acknowledge that this Claim Form is a Legal Document and such may be used in any legal proceedings resulting from this
Thank you for your claim form. It has been sent. If you have any questions, please contact: Helen Ramsay, Head of Claims 0427 870 274
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