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Eagle Protect: Cost & Benefits

“Quick shout out to Eagle Protect! Good solid policy and a welcome product to the Landlord Insurance Market. Thanks!“


Selecting the right insurer to partner with can often mean trading between cover and ease of use. Many Landlords have discovered significant exceptions in their policies, often only after their property is damaged. Finding out your cover isn’t adequate in the time of a significant event can be devastating. 

Eagle Protect is one of Australia’s leading Agent Only Landlord Insurance providers. Our team combines insurance and real estate experts, so we understand you, your role and the challenges. Partnering with Eagle Protect means you and your clients never have to sacrifice service over easy-to-manage insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

//Are the policies as good as other industry providers?2020-12-15T11:40:54+11:00

The landlord insurance product sourced by Eagle Protect has been benchmarked against existing products in the Australian market and offers comparative coverage at a competitive price.

//What processes do I need to put in place to make this work?2020-12-15T11:41:05+11:00

The process is straight forward to put in place. This has been refined by our existing property management partners and can be customised to your specific agency needs. We can provide Roll out Pack and can have our Account Manager Provide Training Days and Presentations to your team for clarity on process.

//Will the eagle protect pricing remain competitive?2020-12-15T11:41:18+11:00

Yes. Eagle Protect will continue to benchmark and adjust its offering to remain competitive. It has the mechanisms in place to respond quickly to any changes.

//Who backs the policy and are they reputable and can they back the policy?2020-12-15T11:41:42+11:00

Acerta is the name for Guild Insurance’s intermediary division. Guild Insurance is a long-standing participant in the Australian market and provide professional and business insurance, workers compensation insurance, home and car insurance and pet insurance. Their pet insurance partnership with the Australian Veterinary Association has run for over 20 years.

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“Quick shout out to Eagle Protect! Good solid policy and a welcome product to the Landlord Insurance Market. Thanks!“

Dee Uther

Managing Director, Uther + Sun Property

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