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The Claims Process

We know that the claims process is when you need our help the most. Our dedicated claims team take a professional and structured approach to ensure that your claims are managed proactively, fairly and swiftly through to a positive resolution.

It should be noted, prior to lodging a claim for financial loss (Rent Default) the policy does require the following steps be taken:

  • Obtain or hold the bond from the tenant
  • Proceed with the tribunal hearing process where appropriate and make an application for loss of rent, bond monies and compensation for any damages and/or expenses
  • Take steps to minimise the loss of rent by re-letting the property as soon as possible

Once you are ready to submit a claim, the insurer will require the following documentation to be provided along with the completed claim form:

  • Copies of all invoices and/or quotes
  • Copy of Tenancy Agreement for the new tenant and defaulting tenant
  • Copy of Application for Tenancy
  • Copies of all notices to vacate the property by either party
  • Copies of all Breach of Condition Notices
  • Copies of all legal documents (including Bond Release and any Court Orders and application)
  • Substantiation of rental payments for at least three months before the loss
  • Copies of initial and final Property Condition Report, and routine reports if applicable
  • Proof of advertising

For loss/damage of property/contents claims, the insurer will also require the following documentation:

  • Repair/replacement tax invoices or quotes if repairs/replacement is yet to take place
  • Photos of damages being claimed
  • Ingoing and outgoing condition reports for property damage claims
  • Original purchase invoices, for contents items

Please note in cases of property damage; the insurer may wish to appoint an assessor to inspect the damage if it is substantial so please let us know if we should arrange with the insurer as this will assist in having the claim moving as quickly as possible.

We look forward to hearing back from you when convenient and please feel free to contact our office should you have any other questions or concerns in the meantime. 

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Helen Ramsay
Head of Claims 

Frequently Asked Questions

//Are the policies as good as other industry providers?2020-12-15T11:40:54+11:00

The landlord insurance product sourced by Eagle Protect has been benchmarked against existing products in the Australian market and offers comparative coverage at a competitive price.

//What processes do I need to put in place to make this work?2020-12-15T11:41:05+11:00

The process is straight forward to put in place. This has been refined by our existing property management partners and can be customised to your specific agency needs. We can provide Roll out Pack and can have our Account Manager Provide Training Days and Presentations to your team for clarity on process.

//Will the eagle protect pricing remain competitive?2020-12-15T11:41:18+11:00

Yes. Eagle Protect will continue to benchmark and adjust its offering to remain competitive. It has the mechanisms in place to respond quickly to any changes.

//Who backs the policy and are they reputable and can they back the policy?2020-12-15T11:41:42+11:00

Acerta is the name for Guild Insurance’s intermediary division. Guild Insurance is a long-standing participant in the Australian market and provide professional and business insurance, workers compensation insurance, home and car insurance and pet insurance. Their pet insurance partnership with the Australian Veterinary Association has run for over 20 years.