Tenants & Financial Hardship: Update

According to a recent report completed for the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, financial hardship among rental tenants is affecting more than half of Australian tenants due to the financial difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic. The report, titled 'Post pandemic landlord – renter relationships in Australia', found that sixty per cent of Australian tenants [...]

Home versus Contents Insurance – What do I need?

Property owners are often aware of the risks to their home and take out insurance to cover their property, for things like fire, storm and flood. However, the difference between building and contents insurance can be a little confusing, with owners unsure if they need either or both, so we've put together a handy guide [...]

Rental eviction ban update: state by state

The changing landscape of residential tenancies continues to shift as the majority of Australia moves towards life out of lockdown, with the 'new normal' at the forefront of the collective conscience, particularly tenants and landlords get a handle on the specifics of new legislation. For ease of use, we've put together an easy guide to [...]

Floods, storms, fires & a pandemic: the importance of landlords insurance

It is fair to say that, at the very least, this year has not been what we expected. For homeowners across Australia, the challenges of 2020 have highlighted levels of uncertainty that make landlord's insurance more important than ever. The insurance market has reflected the large number of challenges facing the community, with a struggling [...]