NSW to overturn blanket bans on pets in apartments

Following a four and a half year court battle, apartment buildings in NSW will no longer be able to have a blanket ban on pets. The decision came after the NSW Court of Appeal overturned the right of complexes to pass bylaws which would otherwise prohibit animals. Jo Cooper, a resident of the Horizon building [...]

Rental eviction ban update: state by state

The changing landscape of residential tenancies continues to shift as the majority of Australia moves towards life out of lockdown, with the 'new normal' at the forefront of the collective conscience, particularly tenants and landlords get a handle on the specifics of new legislation. For ease of use, we've put together an easy guide to [...]

Domestic violence during lockdown: Changes to legislation and information for Real Estate Agents and Property Managers

During the lockdowns across Australia as governments responded to the spread of Covid-19, rates of domestic violence have spiked, as many victims are forced to stay home with their abusers. The United Nations has urged national governments to take action to work to protect victims. "I urge all governments to put women's safety first as [...]

Victoria extends rental eviction freeze, tax support for landlords until December

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed that the current freeze on rental evictions, which applies to both commercial and residential tenants, will last until 31 December this year, unless there are "rare and specific circumstances." Price increases are also off the table until the end of this year, as the Andrews government seeks to continue [...]