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Last year, over 67,500 cybercrime reports were made, an increase of nearly 13%. One cybercrime report is made approximately every eight minutes in Australia, with financial losses totalling more than $33 billion

Insurance is just the starting point

Other insurance providers simply get you to fill in a form and you’re left confused and hoping your covered. Then it’s up to you to manage things from there.

With Eagle Protect Cyber Insurance, your organisation is backed by an elite team cyber insurance experts who advise you and can facilitate response during even the most sophisticated threats.

Recent Claims

A malicious actor pretending to be tech support gained access to a manufacturing plant’s computer systems. That enabled them to pose as an insider, eventually gaining access to highly restricted information including customer trade secrets, bank details, and other sensitive personal information. The hacker threatened to sell trade secrets to competitors and banking details on the black market, and make sensitive personal information public – unless the insured paid.

Cyber Event Protection covers key response costs, including IT forensics, crisis management, and public relations, notification costs, credit, and identity monitoring, and pursuit costs against the perpetrator. It also covers mandatory data breach notifications, including notice to regulators because of the manufacturer’s failure to keep information secure. Defence and settlement costs for third-party claims made against the insured are also covered.

A retail clothing store operated an E-commerce website that became infected with malicious code. As a result, the website showed black screens to customers and staff could not access orders in the system.

The policy covers the removal of the malware and restoration of the website. The impact of lost revenue and increased costs caused by the attack is also covered.

An external supplier of a bedding manufacturer suffers a CryptoWall malware attack. It’s ‘just in time’ manufacturing plant grinds to a halt for three weeks while engineers and IT experts scramble to restore systems and production. As a result of the supplier’s cyber event, the insured could not source critical components, and manufacturing operations were interrupted.

If Contingent Business Interruption cover is applicable, we would pay the bedding manufacturer’s impact on business costs arising from an outage at the external supplier’s business.

Take Action Against Potential Threats with a Dedicated Team of Cyber Experts

Eagle Protect Cyber arms you with a highly-trained team of experts who:

  • Can advise your business on risks
  • Ensure adequate and appropriate coverage
  • Apply the appropriate business context for valid threats
  • Initiate actions to disrupt, contain, and neutralise threats in the event of an emergency
  • Provide actionable advice for addressing the root cause of recurring incidents

Complete Control and Insurance

Helping you achieve security, that exceeds your needs.

Eagle Protect Cyber Insurance features three service tiers to provide a comprehensive set of capabilities for organisations of all sizes and maturity levels.

Regardless of the service tier selected, organisations can take advantage of our cyber experts.

If you need immediate assistance but are not already an Eagle Protect client, we can still help. Our experts can get you out of the danger zone fast; onboarding starts within hours.

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Get a Cyber Insurance quote in minutes today


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