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Selecting the right insurer to partner with can often mean trading between cover and ease of use. Many Landlords have discovered significant exceptions in their policies, often only after their property is damaged. Finding out your cover isn’t adequate in the time of a significant event can be devastating. 

Eagle Protect is one of Australia’s leading Agent Only Landlord Insurance providers. Our team combines insurance and real estate experts, so we understand you, your role and the challenges. Partnering with Eagle Protect means you and your clients never have to sacrifice service over easy-to-manage insurance.

What does Eagle Protect Cover?

Landlords Contents/Buildings
Unless stated otherwise in the schedule

Weekly Loss of Rent
Unless stated otherwise in the schedule

Malicious Acts or Theft by Tenants
Covers loss or damage when committed with malice, spite, or vindictiveness
*Note some policies require incidents to be reported to Police

Accidental Damage Cover
Accidental Damage means, unless otherwise excluded by the policy, you’re covered!

Pet Damage
Damage caused by tenants Pets

Locks & Keys
For replacement of stolen keys/locks following the eviction of the tenant

Reletting Expenses
Up to $500 for reasonable expenses if the bond is exhausted

Fire, Explosion, Storm, Lightning, Earthquake, Impact & Theft

Tenant Default
Where your tenant stops paying rent due to job loss or other unforeseen events

Tenant Hardship
Where your tenant is suffering financial hardship. Capped at

Loss of Rent Building Damage
Up to 52 weeks where your property is untenantable due to tenant damage to the building for a minimum of 7 days

Prevention of Access
Where your building is inaccessible due to damage to an adjoining property. Capped at $10,000

Death of Tenant
Where your sole tenant passes away capped at $10,000

Loss of Rent Damage to Contents
Protection during repairs when a property is uninhabitable following tenant damage or insured events
(up to 52 weeks cover)

Mortgage Discharge Costs
Up to $5,000 with EagleProtect

Tax Audit
Up to $5,000 for Professional Fees

Legal Liability
Unless stated otherwise in the schedule

Drug Lab Clean Up
Up to $50,000- Damage to your building or contents caused by chemical contamination

In-House Claims Management
We know that the claims process is when you need our help the most. Our dedicated claims team takes a professional and structured approach to ensure that your claim is managed proactively, fairly, and swiftly through to a positive resolution.

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